Do I need to quit sugar?

Is sugar really that bad for us? Or has it just been getting a bad rap with all the hype around diets that encourage people to 'quit sugar'.

Which leads me to this question; what is it that we currently know, evidenced based fact, about sugar??

Sugar not only wreaks havoc on your immune system but also is highly addictive- in fact research has shown that processed white sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine. However, if that fact alone is not enough to make you think twice about adding sugar to your morning coffee or consuming a highly processed breakfast cereal, you may be surprised to know just how your sugar intake is affecting both your body and long term health.

In March of this year the World Health Organisation (WHO) released a new set of guidelines for sugar consumption. It was recommend that both adults and children reduce their daily intake of free sugars to less than 10% (12 teaspoons) of their total energy intake, however; it was also noted that a reduction below 5% or 6 teaspoons per day would provide a greater level of both short and long term health benefits.

A diet high in processed sugar not only robs the body of vital minerals but also sends the pancreas into a tail-spin, feeds the yeast (candida) in the digestive tract and causes chronic inflammation throughout the body which can lead to cancer, diabetes, heart disease just to name a few!

Yet in contrast, despite much debate about fructose there is yet to be any evidence that shows conclusively, consuming fresh fruit and vegetables in moderation will have adverse effects on ones health.

So is sugar really that bad? I believe the evidence speaks for itself!! When consumed in moderation (below 5%) and in its natural state i.e. Fruit, sugar can be a part of long term, healthy, balanced diet.

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