7 Tips to get you off the couch and into the fitness studio


You are only ever going to achieve your fitness goals if you actually turn up - Regularly, Consistently.

Often the hardest part of the workout is standing up, grabbing your gear, and leaving home or the office to go. You know that if you go you will feel terrific. It can just be the getting there that needs a push. So, here are 6 tips to help you keep coming.

1. Convince yourself it is non negotiable

Straight after you have done a workout open your app, your computer, your diary or just grab a piece of paper and write down the days/times that you are going to workout for the next week.  Make an appointment with youself. And tell yourself that it is non negotiable. You have commiited to those days/times and you can't cancel.

One of the benefits of rivvaPT and having a health coach is that you have to book your next week's schedule with Chris or Meaghan. They are expecting you to turn up. And if you change your mind or back out at the last minute - you have to call them *cringe*




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