How many gym memberships have you wasted?

How many times have you signed up with good intentions of getting your health back on track? 

Engagement, experience and integration are the key words that stand out when people are seeking out services within the Health & Fitness Industry[1].

And while people continue to look for an experience that provides them with variety and is tailored to suit their individual needs, in a recent fitness industry survey it was highlighted that over 40 per cent of gym members stop working with their Personal Trainer due to the associated costs[1]. However, they still continue to want an experience to assist them improve their mental and physical health and promote a healthier lifestyle. 

So how is rivvaPT different from other gyms and personal training studios? 

At rivvaPT we understand that people are driven to exercise primarily to lose weight, get fitter and improve their overall functional ability. Yet unlike the costly 1:1 training model, rivvaPT offers individualised personal training, within a group environment, which not only provides members with a tailored fitness experience but also a more cost effective solution. 

Furthermore, unlike other Gym Facilities where it is not uncommon for over 50 per cent new members quit within the first three months, rivvaPT prides itself on developing quality relationships by helping to motivate, educate and empower their members. in fact, many of our clients have been working with us for over 15 years. 

The rivvaPT training model is not only a fantastic solution for those new to exercise or the person who has been relatively inactive for a period of time but we also attract members of all ages and work closely with other Health Professionals to assist with injury prevention and rehabilitation as well as providing guidance in nutrition and lifestyle education. 

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